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About Us

what we want?
our team aims to bring back the good old Silkroad CAP110, keeping the server fun, engaging and fair for everyone.

How do we do it?
first, let's be clear, we are not hypocrites, we sell silk to players who want to achieve their goals faster, because we need to stay online, but never with the arrogant greed of the great original server (you know who we are talking about;). Our server will never be paid to win or, even worse, to play.
We allow you to connect with up to 8 characters, to facilitate your level up, and your farm. be aware that if you try to exceed this limit, your characters will be banned for days or even permanently
As you can see, the server fees are low, but better than the original, so the game is not that difficult, but it is also not very easy to level up and conquer items

we will not intervene in the game by doing events all the time, we saw that this is a very common practice among private servers, however we do not think it is the best way to interact with you.
but that doesn't mean we won’t do it, but maybe only on special occasions or dates.

New ideas?
we’ll always be listening to the community’s ideas, and what we think is appropriate we’ll bring to the game
contact us via email: [email protected]
we wait for you!


Best Screen Shot of the community

    Alone lvl up!

    Is he alone level up ? I don't believe. you are a warrior!

    GP is very weak?

    there are those who will say no, but this pt does not suffer at all from them.

    Best Staller

    the stall oldest from server.



    The Best Staff

    is this the best weapon on the server today?