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About Us

⚔ Silkroad-X is here to bring the good old SRO back ⚔

It's a fact; Most servers never have more than 2-3 months of an active player base. Worse yet - what do you get in return?
Nothing but the "reward" of having to start from scratch in another "phase" or "rebirth" of the server, with only the smallest variations from the predecessor to simply "extract more money".
Silkroad-X does not intend to "restart", quite the contrary, together we will grow and make the server more and more fair for all players.

Why should you play Silkroad-X?
Silkroad-X is by far the most advanced Silkroad private server experience - the most enjoyable ever created - and I'm sure you will agree with me as soon as you try it for yourself!
Silkroad-X was not made in a hurry, to be "another server" to be created. We wanted to make sure that everything was perfect, unlike most other servers; Not only a bug-free server, but also a fair haven for donors and non-donors, active and inactive players ...whatever types of players there are, they will have a fair chance to compete on Silkroad-X. The system is adapted in some parts to ensure that your experience be a legendary experience, unique in life

The level limit of the Server is set to 110, Degree 11. but nothing prevents us from growing together in this in the future, if it is your taste.

At Silkroad-X, you will find European and Chinese races available, creating better competition and taking advantage of all available game content.

We left the rates very similar to the originals, with a small improvement so that you can make the most of each level, but without taking too long to achieve your goal.
🔹Exp Rate:2x
🔹Party Exp Rate:2.5x
🔹Gold Drop Rate:2x
🔹Item Drop Rate:3x
🔹IP Limit: 8
🔹Plus limit:+14 with adv
🏋️Cap:110 D11

We allow bots so that the game is not extremely tiring, after all who has a lot of time left today?
We make Sbot-free available on our website, but nothing prevents you from using another one of your choice.
However, to make it more fair, we limit it to 8 chars per ip.

Server Bots
To improve your experience when creating a character, we left 2 server bots 24/7 active, in NGOs lv34 and Penon lv54

Start Items
Speaking of creating your character ... We give you some items when creating it:
Exp/SP Boost
Return Scroll
Reverse Scroll
Speed Potion
HP/MP Potion
Atack Pet Wolf
Pick Pet Monkey
Devil Spirit
2m gold
100k sp

depending on the donation, they will receive a VIP title forever and some buffs for 28 days, it will not be absurdly advantageous.

Limiting the Pay2Win aspects of iSRO:
first, let's be clear, we are not hypocrites, we sell silk with low price, to players who want to reach their goals faster, because we need to keep online, but never with the arrogant greed of the great original server (you know who we're talking about;).
Our server will never be paid to win or, even worse, to play.
The most terrible thing about iSRO is how insanely pay2win is, driving the vast majority away from its own community, forcing them to play on servers with much weaker or easier content just to enjoy fair competition. Not on Silkroad-X!

Fair game for everyone:
We have several ways for everyone to get the same items.
some of them are:
-Receive silk's for killing uniques. Tiger Girl - Cerberus - Captain ivy
Uruchi - Isyutaru - Lord Yarkan - Demon Shaitan - Medusa - Roc (Active)
-Unique Rank, kill uniques and receive silk's every month!
-Some events / awards on some special dates
-Get the best items in the game, just by playing xD. (Kill Ghost Sereness grade4 to get egypt items weapons/shield/set)

Egypt Items:
The best items on the server are the Egyptian A / B, which can be won by anyone, just enter Forgotten World lvl101 Grade 4 and kill Ghost Sereness.
There you can earn the following items:
- Talismans (Used to complete the quest and obtain any Egypt A weapon)
- Weapons Egypt B / Shields Egypt A / B
- All parts of the Egypt A / B set (100% Drop Rate)
To obtain Acessory Egypt A / B you must purchase them at the "NPC Arena Item Manager" using gold and arena coins.
note: to make it easier we added Arena Coins to the drop of the uniques Haroeris / Seth

Guild Wars:
Currently only the jangan fortress is active, but in the future we will release the others as well.

we will not intervene in the game by doing events all the time, we saw that this is a very common practice among servers, and we don’t think it is the best way to interact with you. but that does not mean we’ll never do that, maybe only on occasions or special dates.

New ideas?
We’ll always be listening to the community’s ideas, and what we think is appropriate we’ll bring to the game
contact us. we wait for you, let`s go together make Silkroad-X the best of all!

Unique Rank

No. Char Name Race Level Score Reward
900 Silk
500 Silk
400 Silk

Best Screen Shot of the community

    will you face it?

    when you see them, you get so scared that it doesn't even come close

    Osiris or Noob-iris?

    with such frantic attacks even Osiris becomes a Noob

    Best bounty hunter

    hunting uniques every day and enjoying the silks conquered

    Is it a parade?

    walking around town and i see someone displaying their chars

    Enjoying the desert

    on cold days, nothing better than the desert to warm up